Best 4 Indian Braid Hairstyles 2015 for Women


In this era of life the trend of braid has become a huge trend.  And to this specific style every young women and girl is sporting for parties colleges and office work. The women and young girls are not only sporting this but many celebrities are also sporting this style on Ramp and Red carpet. This is such kind of style which can be used for all event and occasions. But there are so many kinds of braids which you may know such as, maiden braid, French, fishtail plaits and messy braid.

Braids are usually preferred by Asian women. This braid style is very common in women because they keep their hair away from their faces so women and girls do not face any difficulty while adopting this. Apart from giving great look, these are convenient, cool, and can makes eye turn for sure. The main benefit of braids is that they can maintain your hair in place neat and clean for a long time period. As we mention above that these are now being used by different models walking on the ramp with different variations look that is why these are getting importance day by day.

You can use these any wedding, parties or casual events because the trend of braid style is very high in these days. You have so many choices it’s all depend on you which you select. Today, we will discuss and talk about best 4 Indian Braid Hairstyles 2015 for women.

1. Standard Braid:

Standard braid is also known as English braid. Standard plaits are the most widely recognized haircut took after by greater part of females. Beginning at the scruff, standard twists are made by jumping hair into three equivalent parts. Traverse the center one and the privilege parcel over it. Rehash this technique till you finish the procedure.


2. French Braid:

There are so many popular braids but this one is the most second most famous braid in India. The technique of French braid is started which keeps the whole head braided in to plaits. This style is very easy to adopt and you can easily make this style for your parties or casual event and this is the only reason this style has become the most loved and famous braid hairstyles for women.



3. Crown Braid:

Pretty much like Swiss mesh, Crown interlace is woven like a French plait. These meshes take excessively of time to be woven as little areas of hair from the crown zone are included as the mesh progresses. Crown mesh functions admirably for medium to long hair and is best for wavy hair marvels as it keeps your crown flawless and decently kept up. You can decorate your plaits with distinctive embellishments to make it look chic! If you really like this then you should try this at least once.



4. Fish Tail Braid:

This style is very common among the fashion ladies and it’s totally the style of the season. It looks just as smart on both Indian and western wear. The uneven fishtail mesh has been exceptionally prominent also. Likewise alluded as the ‘herringbone interlace’, Fishtail Plait is woven by taking little even segments of hair like a standard twist that resembles a fishtail or a herringbone. Despite the fact that the plaits are woven like an English plait, you need to take little segments of hair each one time, so it’s ideal to utilize a tail brush while doing the haircut.




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